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A fully comprehensive “turnkey” technology services provider and a business development advisor, Lucey Fund invests in entrepreneurs who understand their industry, but may not have done technology before. Lucey Fund is Ireland's fastest growing young tech company and Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star.

Client Projects

Efit (PT Stack)


eFit is an app designed to help both personal trainers and their clients to manage their workouts.
For trainers, the app enables the trainer to schedule sessions with clients, create bespoke programs for their clients, monitor their clients’ progress and chat directly with the client through the app.

For clients, the app allows to view the programs set for them by their personal trainer, including tutorials, record their own progress within the program, get notifications about upcoming sessions and chat with their trainer directly within the app.

API on backend using PHP+MYSQL, admin panel written in backbone.js, in-app chat written in nodejs. Payments processed using STRIPE.

iOS app - Adobe Photoshop

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The app is fully released and published, learn more here.


This project is aimed at creating quizzes, using a web app and Twitter to view and answer the questions asked in the quiz. The goal of the project is to get brands to create quizzes using the web app. The quizzes will be created using certain criteria such as category, number of questions per quiz and the time between questions. The brand/creator of the quiz will have the option of adding in two bespoke questions into the quiz, one is a “sponsor question” and the other one is a “custom question”. They differentiate in the way that the “sponsor question” usually surrounds the product that the brand/creator is advertising and the “custom question” does not necessarily do this. The brand/creator will have the opportunity to advertise their brand/product during the quiz in the form of a banner ad across the top of the webpage and an ad between each question/between the question and answer.

API on backend using PHP+MYSQL, admin panel written in backbone.js, working closely with Twitter stream APIs integrated with nodejs server. Quiz process was built using web sockets and real-time processing. Payments processed using STRIPE.

Admin panel and iOS app - Sketch 3

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The app is fully released and published, check it out here.

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